Minecraft Shirt

If you’re a gamer, then you know the thrill of discovering a new t-shirt that’s just for you. Whether it’s an inside joke or a homage to your favorite game, there’s nothing quite like showing off your fandom with an awesome tee. After all, what better way is there to let the world know what you love than to wear it on your chest? Check out this article for some ideas and sneak peaks at our new designs!

If you’re a fan of the popular game “Minecraft” and want to show it off, you’re in luck! The clothing market is flooded with options that will allow you to do just that. For this article, we gathered together five great t-shirt designs for Minecraft lovers.

Minecraft Building Video Game Youth Boys Black Graphic Tee

The Youth Boys Minecraft Video Game Graphic tee is the perfect apparel to gift to any kid!

Minecraft Bobble Mobs Roll Call Boys’ Tee Shirt

Your favorite Minecraft characters are ready for action: including Steve, Alex, a Creeper, Wolf, Enderman, Zombie, Skeleton, Ocelot and more.

Minecraft Boy’s Pixelated Pick Axe Red T-Shirt

Makes a great gift for fans of the global gaming sensation Minecraft!

Minecraft Like a Boss Boys’ Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt

This super comfy tagless shirt is knitted from 100% combed ring-spun cotton.

All Aboard Big Boys Youth T-Shirt Licensed

Great gift for any occasions. Made with high quality breathable cotton.

Minecraft Shirt Boys’ Steve Gold Armor Foil Print Character T-Shirt

Minecraft is a THE video game. If your a gamer and haven’t heard of it, well you’re not really a gamer then are you. This officially licensed Minecraft big boys t shirt features a large design of the character from the game, Steve, dressed from head to toe in his Golden armor with his Gold sword. 

Minecraft Boys Short Sleeve Mini Mob Graphic T-Shirt, Red

Let your imagination run wild when you’re wearing this comfortable tee around the house or showing it off to your fellow gamers.

Minecraft T-Shirts 3D Print Boys and Girls Fashion T-Shirts Short Sleeve Cartoon Game Tee Gift

The Games Trendy Clothing Designed By 3d Printing Makes It Suitable For Any Theme Party, Birthday Party, Travel And Leisure, Happy Holidays, Dating Or A Perfect Gift For The Person You Like.

Minecraft Mover Shaker Kids Tee Shirt w/Steve Alex Zombie and Creeper

The large print across the front of the t-shirt features a unique design showcasing fan favourite Minecraft characters including Steve, Creeper, pig, cave spiders and more. Your kid will look awesome in their minecraft shirts.

Minecraft Mobbery Big Poster Kids Tee Shirt Gathering Epic Mobs and Friends

This totally fun and exciting Minecraft Adventure t-shirt is an awesome addition to any fans wardrobe!

The 5 Best Triton Electric Showers

What is the best triton electric shower to buy

The answer majorly depends on the purpose for which you want to buy the shower. 

You will agree with me that electric showers are by better options for a busy household.

Whether you need it for a morning boost to wake you up or for relaxation after a long stressful day at work.

Electric showers only heat the quantity of water needed for the shower and thus save energy.

No matter the purpose, you will definitely get an Electric Shower that suits your demands in this below reviews.

Triton Electric Showers reviews: 5 Top-Rated Models 

The products review below are 5 top-rated Triton Electric Showers on the market in 2020

Triton 10.5kw MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower

Here is one of the ridiculously popular but powerful electric showers in the market. Since this Triton Seville is 10.5KW, it is extraordinarily powerful. 

It features five entry points to occupy both cables and water feeds for flexible and hassle-free fitting. 

There are multiple control dials in front of the control panel to ensure ease of use. 

There are 3 flow rate settings on the control panel (the economy setting for summertime, the cold setting for cleansing and high power setting) these settings allow you to choose how you the shower to work. 

The scale-proof head offers five different spray functions; this ranges from wide mild spray to efficient flow pattern.

Triton 10.5kw MOMT014G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower

Martinique is another fantastic product of Triton. This shower is equipped with a lime scale-resistant shutdown to eliminate your worry of limescale build-up. 

The featured plastic head comes with five spray patterns. The three unique settings, HIGH, ECO & COLD, can be controlled through the pushbuttons. 

Triton Martinique is reliable, affordable, and energy-efficient. It will warm the water while on its way to the head from the water supply. 

This shower has a built-in heating element, which ensures that hot water is available all the time. 

When there is a high power supply, this shower will work perfectly and heat the water to a pleasant stage with a standard flow rate.

Triton 9.5KW RECOL209GSBLK Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower

Among all the numerous showers on the market, this Triton Collection II is one of the easiest to set up. 

The shower has swivel technology to make it easy to twist in 180-degree. 

The water inlet can be on the right or left side. 

It features five different spray patterns so that you can choose any one of your choices. 

The shower is also easy to clean, which translates to you having regular water/heat distribution. 

Triton Collection II comes with a warning indicator to alert you when low pressure that can result to heat increment or decrement is recognized.

Triton 9.5KW RECOL209BRSTL Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower, Brushed Steel

If you are looking for a shower with an elegant design that performs excellently well, then you’ll not regret buying this Triton RECOL209BRSTL 9.5KW Collection II. 

This unit features a limescale-resistant phase shutdown that will eliminate limescale build-up and save you from expensive shower repairs. 

Triton RECOL209BRSTL has soft-touch controls that allow for a comfortable setting of temperature and changing of power. This shower is so gentle on the joint and useful for arthritis patients. 

This model is straightforward to install because it can be connected from both the left and right sides. 

The five patterns of spray settings provide a setting that is perfect for your needs.

Triton Showers MOMT084I Martinique 8.5KW White Electric Shower

The Triton Martinique shower has five interchangeable spray patterns that can provide freedom and personal preference. Martinique also has a sleek and compact design and stylish chrome finish that blends effortlessly with modern bathroom designs. 

Martinique has undergone strict safety approval from BEAB with a safety shut-down function. 

This shower also comes with phase shut-down for gradual rinsing of the preheated water before shutting down completely, elongating the shower’s longevity, and ensuring the next user’s safety. 

This model is equipped with dial temperature control for the user to set his preferred temperature.


You may not know exactly the benefits of an electric shower and how it differs from a regular shower. Before you think about buying any shower electric shower, check out this best triton electric shower reviews. Any of these are great options for your home. 

You will see a little more efficiency with an electric shower. Due to the low flow rate, only the amount of water you use for bathing is heated.

How to Replace Toilet seats with Hidden Bolts

According to the latest research, toilet seats have a lot of disease-causing microbes. The most unfortunate part is that each time you flush your toilet, these disease-causing microbes are released to the air. This therefore means that if you don’t properly take care of your toilets, you and your family risk getting infected with these bacteria. That’s why it is important to clean your toilet as often as possible whether you live alone or you live with your kids.

Besides the normal cleaning, it is important to thoroughly wash your toilets at least once in a week. You should remove your toilet seats when doing this thorough cleaning to ensure you get access to the hidden parts. Some of the toilet seats are very easy to remove while others such as Eljer Diplomat elongated toilets have hidden bolts which make the process complicated. 

However that should not hinder you from keeping your toilet clean. Here is a step by step process on how you can replace your toilet seats with hidden bolts.

  • Put on Protective Gloves

The first step is putting on hand gloves, to ensure your hands are protected while working on your toilet. Although these protective gloves are not a must requirement, but they are very necessary as you can’t be too careful to avoid bacteria. Remember also to clean your toilet seats before you start working on them.

  • Secure the toilet seat with a masking tape

The next step is securing the toilet seat with a masking tape. You can use a duct instead of a masking tape. Tap the toilet seats together with the lid either in a closed position or an open position. This process is very key as it helps in protection of the plastic part of the toilet seat. Besides, it makes the unit very easy to handle since it prevents the seat from slamming over. It is important to note that incase replacing your toilet seats requires drilling, then you will have to use a plastic material such as cardboard.

  • Remove the caps

You can now remove the caps by applying the socket wrench until you reach the nut with bolts.  You can do this by just turning the socket wrench counters in a clockwise direction, until you loosen all the nuts. Then you can use your screw driver or pliers to loosen your bolts. However, there are some simpler toilet designs that you can remove their caps using a screw driver with a flat head. You can now detach your toilet seats from the toilet bowl. Detaching your toilet seat will help you access the hinges.

  • Attach the new seat

Last but not least, you can now replace the old seat with a new one. Alternatively, you can clean the old seat and return it. To replace the seats, put the seat in the right position, then insert all the screws in their respective holes. Using a screwdriver ensures all the screws and the bolts are secured on both the sides of the toilet seat. Then close all the lids, your toilet is now ready for use.


For you to remove toilet seats with hidden bolts, you need to check at the fittings. Check whether the fittings are joined together using bolts or they are just covered using plastic caps for beauty. Follow through the process carefully and remove and replace your toilet in just no minute without having to depend on anyone. 

How To Remove Object From Toilet Trap

It is really worrisome when you flush objects in the toilet, whether it is deliberate or by accident. Those who have toddlers in their homes are prone to them flushing items such toys, car keys and other small objects in the toilet that may end up creating clogs. The most unfortunate part is that such incidence happens at the least expected time.

Drain toilets allows water to pass through hence the items will always remain at the bottom of the toilet or in the drain. If you are caught in such a situation, you can follow these 4 simple methods to retrieve your objects from the toilet trap instead of calling a plumber and to avoid spending of extra cash.

Grabbing the object with your hand

The first method that you can use to remove items from the toilet trap is by trying to grab the object with your hand if the object is visible. To ensure your safety, put on a pair of gloves, preferable elbow-length rubber gloves. Then use a disposable container to scoop all the water, for easy reach. Grab the object, hold then pull it out. Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after this process.

Using a hook or a bent hanger

Another method that you can use to remove objects from toilet trap is using a hook or a bent hanger. Untwist the metal hanger’s neck until your hanger is as straight as possible, then bend one end into a hook-like shape depending on the shape of your toilet drain. Make sure it is able to bend into the drain pipe. You can then try to grab and remove the item in the toilet drain gently to avoid pushing the item further.

Using a vacuum

Using this method you first need to remove the vacuums collection tank top, followed by the filter and the dry dust bag to prevent the filter from growing mildew then return the top back of the collection tank. Turn the vacuum on, then hold the vacuums hose and try pushing it inside the drain as far as possible until you feel or hear your item move. Point the item with the hose opening the start sucking the water with the vacuum until the object passes through the hose.

Always ensure you empty the collection tank when it’s full until your item is sucked into the hose or until your collection tank is full, you need to try as many times as possible. When you have retrieved your item, flush your toilet at least twice.

Removing the toilet

Last but not least, you can remove items from your toilets by removing the toilet. All you need to do is first you need to turn off the water supply by turning your toilets’ valve anticlockwise several times till you can’t turn it anymore. You can also turn the water off from the main water supply. Remove your toilets water tank to allow easy access of the tank. Ensure there is no water remaining in the toilet bowl to help avoid the splashing and spilling of water.

You can unscrew all the screws and bolts from the bottom of your toilet then remove your toilet (one-piece toilet or two-piece toilet) from the floor. You then need to detach your water supply line to the tank of your toilet by twisting the large plastic bolt that has ridges clockwise, and then you remove your toilet. Reach for your flushed item using your and retrieve it through the waste opening.


Always ensure you retrieve your objects you accidentally flash in the toilet as fast as possible to prevent them from getting destroyed, especially items that are rarely salvageable like phones. You can then turn it off, remove the battery and put in a bowl of dry rice to dry them. You will be able to retrieve your objects using any of these methods.