Write Companies for Coupons!

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more couponsA great resource for coupons is by emailing the company directly.So take a moment and contact a new company to see if you can score some great coupons, possibly even for free products! Compliment them on their product and let them know how much you enjoy it or how much your family enjoys it. (If you have a complaint, be sure to be honest with them about your issues and try to stay positive) I will never ask them directly for coupons, I simply compliment their product and tell them what I love about it.

You will be very surprised as to how many companies WANT to give you free items or free product coupons in order to try their product. Many of them will just send coupons but they are really good ones :)

I will post 3-4 every few days and hopefully you will receive the same as I did :)

Make sure when leaving a comment you give your name , email and address so if they are sending you coupons, they know where to send them.


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