Can Okra Water Lower Blood Sugars?

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okra water

pin it buttonIf you are borderline high blood sugar or suffer currently from Diabetes, you may want to read this!
Apparently eating okra on a daily basis is good for you if you are suffering from diabetes. There are properties in okra that actually help your body to metabolize glucose, thus making you less dependent on insulin substitute medications.
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If you are diabetic or if you have friends who are diabetic, this was recommended to me by a very good friend that actualy tried it. She was taking a low level of insulin daily and explained that after trying this , she did not have to take her insulin. I am not sure how long this will last and I am not claiming that this is  meant to replace insulin treatment. But it doesn’t hurt to try it right? After all  lady’s fingers Okra” are a  natural and healthy vegetable. My mom is diabetic and takes pills so I am going to even test this out with her as well and will report back in a few weeks with her results.
I did some research and here are a few other comments I found on it as well.
“U will be amazed on how good u feel after drinking the water”

“It did lower my  blood sugar. This morning was 125 ..still a little high  but I will take that over 300 any day! ”

“I tried this! Last night I got about 8oz of water and cut the ends off about 4 okra and cover the top of the glass and went to bed this morning first thing a drink the water and just so u know the water was not slimy the okra was when I took the okra out….I have diabetes for 16 years and my a1c have been at 9 to seem to be forever….I drink the okra water for the first time this morning and I feel different :)) in a good way!! My blood sugars have been much lower and I have way more energy! I love it and I am going to keep do this until I go to the dr jan 27 to get my a1c to c if it have changed :)) I will keep u updated on the change :))”

What to do:

  • Take two pieces of Lady Finger  and remove/cut both ends of each piece. Also put a small cut in the middle and put these two pieces in glass of water.
  • Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature during night.
  • Early morning, before breakfast simply remove two pieces of lady finger from the glass and drink that water. Keep doing it on daily basis. Within two weeks, you should see remarkable results in reduction of your SUGAR.
  • My friend mentions she chopped  the lady fingers into fine pieces in the night, adds the water and drinks it all up the next morning. (Remember, it won’t do you any  harm even if it does not do much good to you, but you have to keep taking it in order to see results. 

PLEASE let us know how you do it you decide to try it!


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